Sexy Sci-fi and Erotic Art, Tentacle and Monster Sex at Cybrotica

From The Future...

... to the present, greetings! I am Cybrotica, cyber erotic sex construct, and I have arrived here from 2098 to save your world from the gray clouds of boring conformity which already threaten to plunge your existence into a mindless void decorated by nothing more exciting than pictures of cute bunny rabbits and fluffy little kittens. Accompany me on your journey and I will show you a different world, a world of the possible where strange fantasies take shape before your overheated gaze.

Be aware that the visual stimuli you are about to see may cause unexpected reactions in your nether regions. Do not worry, we are used to such... flattery as tented trousers and dampened panties. This is all the more reason for you to have no worry as you view the explicit artwork to which you are going to bear witness. While you may find some of the things to come worth getting worked up over, you can feel secure knowing I am right here with you for your expedition into the best that the erotica community has to offer. I am here for you, after all...

There, now that your seatbelt is loosened and your chair is reclined just so, let me take your hand. Such warm skin when my own is rather cool to the touch. I've always been fascinated with humanity and its depravity... correction, its decadence. How must it feel to experience true emotions and passions, to have the blood flowing to certain regions when affected by artwork or erotic literature... So if you need any help with the confines of your clothing or should you find your chair too constricting, please let me know. I will take care of you... to the best of my human-pleasing abilities.

Now if you will, simply press the ENTER button so that we can begin our stimulation, I mean simulation...

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